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Fun Links                                                                                                      
Everything you want to practice!:

Reading and Language Arts:
Language Arts & Vocab Games -- https://protect-us.mimecast.com/s/i5mCCZ6yLniPBq1jcjc0x7?domain=sheppardsoftware.com
Interactive Vocabulary Sites -- https://protect-us.mimecast.com/s/UwR0C1wqyNUnWArZTpCH-A?domain=interactivesites.weebly.com
Scrabble Word Finder -- https://protect-us.mimecast.com/s/P0BvC2kr0NsKy2LmU2Ez3R?domain=word.tips
On-line storybooks to read:

Go to the following website for games and practice on the words for each Lesson.  Click on "Find a List" then enter "Mrs. Mach" in the search box.  My name will pop up.  Click on my name in blue.  Scroll down to find the name of this week story or this weeks story and the word "Challenge" for the more challenging spelling list.

Math fun:
Race your friends and practice your skills.  Click above to visit Arcademic Skill Builders. 

Practice all of the Common Core Performance Standards for math online:

Practice your math facts online:
Subtraction Practice:
Polygon Playground:
Learn multiplication using music:

Mary Musgrove:
James Oglethorpe:
Cherokee Nation in 1730’s:
Cherokee Indians

Georgia Geography:
Very cool sites about the Pilgrims:
Sites about Thanksgiving:

For all sorts of fun with the stars:    
           Then choose “astronomy.”

Energy and Matter:
song about matter:
review matter:
interactive site:

Learn more about dinosaurs:
Learn more about jellyfish:
Living Things:
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